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特別上映作品 パノラマスクリーニング

The “Panorama Screening” section was newly-established to feature a wide variety of fi lms, in genre and themes. From uncovered classics of the past, to the up-and-coming works of newbie directors, short to feature-length, a total of 7 works will be screened.

Screening Works


Hyosetsu no mon

DirectorMitsuo Murayama
Year 1974
CastRituko Sekine...Terumi Futaki
Yayoi Nakamura...Midori Kiuchi
Ayako Sakamoto...Yumiko Fujita


Ground battle took place in Okinawa during WWII; another ground battle took place in Karafuto/Sakhalin. Another story of Himeyuri maiden forces in the northern-most areas of Japan. The only film that depicted the history of Karafuto/Sakhalin was sealed for 36 years and now it is to be released to be dedicated to women of modern times! A much-awaited dream fi lm to be released in this era in Japan which faces territorial issues.


Panic Comic

DirectorYoshiyuki Okuyama
Year 2010
CastDaigo Matui
Shigemasa Fukuda
Naoto Takenaka
Kadunari Tosa


Kentaro Mukai, aka Sakurako Hanazono, is a former celebrity manga-artist. He entered stardom with his major debut work, but had failed to produce prominent works thereafter and was on the verge of quitting manga all together. In an effort to impress his editor Yuko, he tries hard to come up with ideas right up to the deadline date. Meanwhile, 7 visitors come to his offi ce. When 7 purposes collide, an unstoppable wheel starts to spin!

©Osaka School Of Music

Night Cruising

DirectorRyuji Takeda
Year 2010
CastSayaka Yosimura
Ryousei Kajiwara
Akira takagi
Kenaro Iwamoto


This is a short fi lm created for an enlightment movement toward young people. The radio personality of [Night Cruising], Hanako is informed that her boyfriend,Kawashima infected with HIV and left from Hanako. This fi lm is depicted 3 couple's relationships including Hanako & Kawashima, and try to convey some knowlege and attitude toward HIV. This fi lm has aimed not only protect spreading HIV, but also convey a human relationship bewtween important person to face and get over the disease.

Japanese Tourism Agency “Let’s Travel! Project”


Heaven's Island

DirectorNaoko Tajima
Year 2010
CastShuji Kasiwabara,Rina chinen


DirectorRyugo Nakamura
Year 2009

Frog In The Well

DirectorKen Ochiai
Year 2009
CastKen Ochiai

past in the future

DirectorKazuhiko Kondo
Year 2004


“Short Short Film Festival & Asia”, and the Japan Tourism Agency’s “Travel Short! Project” competition. Will screen four films selected from entries that promote interest in tourism.