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The CM Competition which has been held in the past two Okinawa International Movie Festivals has been reborn as the "JIMOT (hometown) CM Competition", designed to determine the number one CM in relation to hometown "Laugh & Peace", making people find joy in your hometown.
The format is such that anyone with love for their hometown can enter, using the idea sheet.
The idea sheets will then be examined, and based on those ideas that most strongly evoke hometown love, Yoshimoto will work with you to create a CM that will express the charm of your hometown.

■The JIMOT CM idea Nominations

After carefully judging all of your idea submissions, we have selected the following 10 prefectures.
All nominees, with the cooperation of a filming crew, will develop each of their ideas filled with hometown affection into commercials.
Look forward to the final cut!! We plan to release the making-of scenes on our blog.

Here’s the 10 nominated prefectures! Presenting the love for your hometown!

Nominee No.1

Rebun, HokkaidoTakeru Kawamura

Love of my hometown: Rebun is an island at the tip of Japan.
There's only 1 convenience store, and 2 traffic lights.
It's freezing cold when it snows. Ladies are mostly senior citizens.
Escape is impossible without a ferry.
Wage only goes down even if you work.

That's what it's like, but I kind of love it here.

Nominee No.2

Nomi City Hall at Nomi city, Ishikawa Shirou Muramoto

Love of my hometown: Everybody that’s lived here most of their lives always say, “There’s nothing interesting here.”
But as an ‘outsider’ who has just joined this ‘new’ hometown 2 years ago,
I want to shout, “Nomi City (@Ishikawa) has it!” because it’s just full of wonderful things.

For example: clear night skies where you can see shooting stars, mystical woodlands where you might meet Totoro, reservoirs full of dancing fireflies, the Yarimizu Kannon Reisui, one of 100 famous waters selected in this Heisei period…
“There’s nothing, but everything.”
I want a lot more people to know about this delight!!!

Nominee No.3

Tsuchiura City, IbarakiAkifumi Fukada ,Maiha Sato

Love of my hometown: Renkon, the lotus root.
Everybody probably knows about this vegetable.
At the same time, there aren’t many who consider it familiar. This generally-known, but sort of the minority in the vegetable world, is Tsuchiura City’s pride.
Tsuchiura City is Japan’s number one producer of the lotus root.

The image of the lotus root is that of a commoner's vegetable. However, if you have ever bought one at a supermarket, you know that it’s actually quite expensive.
I once saw a lotus root in a supermarket in Tokyo, and was surprised by the expensive price tag which didn’t suit its image. On the other hand, Tsuchiura is Japan’s number one lotus root producer. So naturally, it’s easier to purchase at a much cheaper price. That’s why the people of Tsuchiura know the best and tastiest way to eat lotus roots.

The most well-known lotus root dishes would probably be kinpira (sauté and simmered vegetable with salty, sweet taste) or chikuzen-ni (sauté and simmered in broth).
But the best way to enjoy the lotus root is to fry it. Cut 5mm to 1cm thick slices and fry until it lightly browns. Strain the extra oil, lightly salt and the dish is done. It’s important to not make the slices too thin. By frying thick slices, you can enjoy both the crispy outside and steamed texture inside. Also, freshly fried lotus root is of course great, but the crunchiness after it’s cooled down is another taste to enjoy. And fried lotus root is definitely the best way to savor its natural sweetness. So please, come to Tsuchiura and treat yourself to the affordable and tasty lotus root. I’m sure everybody will be charmed by this vegetable.

That’s what I’m waiting for. The day the lotus root boom begins here in Tsuchiura. My dream continues to swell as I believe that day’s not too far away.
It’s a ‘hole lot’ closer than you think.

Nominee No.4

Kanagawa PrefectureHideaki Sato

Love of my hometown: This prefecture has the perfect balance between urban areas and nature, overall very convenient and a great place to live. I’m happy I grew up here.

Nominee No.5

Aichi PrefectureMasashi Goto

Love of my hometown: Inuyama City has an “irreplaceable landscape” that even warlords had loved.
And that is the Inuyama Castle - a National Treasure - which overlooks the Kiso River.

The locals’ passion to ‘inherit and pass down the castle’ led to its designation as a National Treasure. So in that respect, I feel that all who are involved with the present Inuyama Castle carry a great responsibility.
During the Sengoku period, the castle has fallen 3 times in battle by Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu.
However, the landscape surrounding Inuyama Castle moved even the hardened souls of warlords, and the castle has remained.
Part of the castle was destroyed when a great earthquake hit during the Meiji era, and was in crisis of being demolished.
At that time, the community came together with the mutual desire to inherit and preserve the castle. As a result, enough donations were collected to restore the castle to its former glory.

I would like to be a part of passing along this important task which has continued for 474 years. I applied for JIMOT CM in the hope that the people of Inuyama can share this.

Nominee No.6

Kobe City, HyogoYoshiyasu Monzen・Seiji Okada

Love of my hometown: After suffering catastrophic damages from the Great Hanshin earthquake, massive redevelopment projects restored Shin-Nagata area, Kobe, into a whole new town.
But it’s difficult to say the spirit of the town was resurrected as well.

In April 2004, with the goal to help revitalization through music, gardening and other activities, the multi-purpose hall and studio [SITE KOBE] was built. With its birth, Sun Television in collaboration with Yoshimoto Kogyo started the public live broadcast of “Yoshimoto Sun-Sun TV”. (At present, it continues as “Waraimeshi-Chidori no Bero Bero Tan Tan”) And in 2006, also with the goal to help revitalize the town, the then-SITE hall producer organized the “KOBE Tetsujin PROJECT”.

Beginning with last years' construction of “Tetsujin 28-go Monument”, other projects with “Sangokushi,” - another famous work created by the Kobe native manga artist, Mitsuteru Yokoyama - are underway to help stimulate the town.
Life-size stone statues and galleries have been established, as well as various events. Presently, the whole town is involved, with cosplay, puppet shows and developing original merchandise. You could say the area is becoming a new and ‘unique’ town.
But, although visitors have increased with the help of Tetsujin 28-go related projects, Shin Nagata’s fundamental ‘goodness’ and ‘fun’ element hasn’t been promoted. And without that, you can’t say the real spirit of the town has returned.

Our involvement with the area started with the hall, but before we knew it, we have become ‘neck-deep in Shin Nagata’.
From the outside, the locality might be seen as cheeky, but once you join in, communication is great and it’s easy to get along. Most of all, the local hypersensitivity to ‘anything fun’ and their ‘overdoing’ charm is something we would definitely like to share and expose to the whole country, to help along the fun revitalization.

Nominee No.7

Kyoto City, KyotoNanako Ikemoto・Keina Tainaka・Fumiko Hida

Love of my hometown: Kyoto is famous for its historical architectures and culture, but that’s not all there is!
Kyoto’s unique ambience, the gentle flow of the Kamo River…we’re all proud of each characteristic.
The reason why so many books and songs about Kyoto are popular is because everybody loves Kyoto!

We might be young, but we’re confident that we know the awesomeness of Kyoto!!
We’re so happy we were born in Kyoto ^^ I LOVE KYOTO!!
文化の町 I LOVE KYOTO !!

We would like to propose a CM that not only promotes the ‘ordinary, common knowledge of Kyoto,’ but the ‘helpless fascination of Kyoto’ so others from different prefectures can fall in love with our hometown as well.

Nominee No.8

Kagawa PrefectureSeiji Kasamatsu

Love of my hometown: “There’s nothing in Kagawa!”

That used to be my usual introduction of Kagawa to others, but that was completely wrong.
Once I moved out to the big city, I realized there were so many ‘great things’ about my hometown.

Just a short walk and there are mountains. From the mountain, you can see the Seto Inland Sea. You can swim to that little island, enjoy a bit of fishing and BBQ your catch. If you’re hungry, have 3 helpings of udon. Gather with friends and talk about the good old times….
The mountains, the sea, the island, the people - everything is Kagawa’s pride and joy.

Nominee No.9

Beppu City, OitaFumitoshi Kashimoto

Love of my hometown: The total yield of hot springs in Oita prefecture exceeds that of Hokkaido, so it's definitely number 1 in Japan!
I would like everyone to know that Oita might be a minor prefecture, but it’s amazing.

And, I want them to experience the hot springs.
Although the Beppu and Yufuin hot springs are famous, I can’t stand the fact that people don’t know these springs are actually in Oita.
There are white, red, blue, carbonated… just so many different types of hot springs in Oita!

Also, being located along the coastline with the graceful Seto Inland Sea, the seafood is great. The Seki horse mackerel and Seki mackerel are famous brands of fish, but tuna and blowfish are also local specialties.
So I believe that one shouldn’t just come for a visit here. I think Oita should be the number one place to come and live.

Nominee No.10

Okinawa PrefectureMasako Suzuki

Love of my hometown: Okinawa is highly regarded for its quality of hospitality.

The midsection of Okinawa City, commonly known as Koza, is an area which historically developed from an intercultural mix. This chanpuru (mixture) culture held and painfully nurtured the common value that ‘people are different and that’s OK’.
Even in Okinawa, this especially stands out here and it has a wonderful healing effect on those who have grown weary in the big cities.

I hope that by having people know more about Koza, it will help stop the decline in the central town areas, and rediscover Koza’s best points.
Please bring a new wind into the town of performing arts and music.

■Application Theme

As part of the Okinawa International Movie Festival, we are looking for CM ideas from around the world that make people feel the love and charm of your hometown, to then join with Yoshimoto to produce entries for the "Jimot (hometown) CM" grand prix.
First, come up with a creative idea expressing your love for your hometown, and send it in.

■Idea Selection Criteria

①The love for your hometown is conveyed.
②There is a fresh idea that addresses the charm of your hometown.

■When Applying

1.Express your idea of "Hometown Love" on an idea sheet.
2.Nominees will be contacted by the Okinawa International Movie Festival Executive Committee, followed by a meeting to discuss detailed plans for the preparation of filming.

■Grand Prix Examination Method

Online voting will be held on this official site. ※ Viewers will vote for those CMs that make them want to visit that hometown.



■How to Apply

Thank you for applying.Recruitment ended.