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Beach Stage "Neta" Special

The Beach Stage located in Ginowan Seaside Park again will be featured by various events. Comedy event, “Beach Stage Comedy Story Special” will be an on parade of Yoshimoto comedians.

The stage will be filled with laugh in various styles from Manzai, short comedy and free talking. Also, the Okinawa’s famous Program aired on RBC “Laugh-pea” will again co-feature the “Elementary Kids and Youth Video Festival” along with the program linked stage. With more to come are Music Lives that will daily bring in top artists from Rimi Natsukawa, Kariyushi 58 to THE BOOM in front of Okinawa’s beautiful sunsets.

Appearing artists:
Isa Yumi, Kariyushi 58, Sachiho Kojima, THE BOOM, Erika Sunakawa, 7!!, Rimi Natsukawa, Nayuta, BEGIN, RYOEI etc.

Scenes from the 2nd Okinawa International Movie Festival