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特別上映作品 沖縄プレゼンテーション

A Yell from Heaven

©2011 『天国からのエール』製作委員会


Hikaru runs the small bento shop, “Ajisai Bento” in Motobucho, Okinawa. Hearing that the high school students who come to buy his bentos don’t have a place to practice for their band, Hikaru decides to renovate the garage at the shop into a studio with his own funds. The students grow to look up to Hikaru and devotedly practice for an important music festival, but... The unique and versatile Hiroshi Abe stars in this fi lm based on the miraculous true story of Hikaru Nakasone and “Ajisai Ongaku Mura” studios. This is also the directorial debut for Makoto Kumazawa, who has mainly acquired experience as second unit director to Isshin Inudo, on a feature-length film. Supporting cast includes Mimura, Nanami Sakuraba, Masato Yano, Win Morisaki and Shuhei Nomura. Here, a new human drama set in Okinawa begins!


Hiroshi Abe, Mimura, Nanami Sakuraba,
Masato Yano, Win Morisaki, Shuhei Nomura,


DirectorMakoto Kumazawa
Distributingアスミック・エース エンタテインメント株式会社
Copyright©2011 『天国からのエール』製作委員会