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Press Pre-Registration

Applications for Press Registration

Press passes will be issued to the press effective for the duration of the festival. To apply, click on the "Press Application" button and fill in the required information.

Press passes will be issued at the Press Reception during the film festival.
We will contact you later with more details.

Press Registration

※Pleas attach an ID photo with your application for verification purposes.

Press materials

Official photos will be available atimage.net once you have registrated at image.net.
※Registration is restricted to members of the press. (This service is not available to the general public.)

1) Go toimage.nethttp://www.image.net
*Click on the "Register" button.
*To ensure a prompt response, please enter all details in full.
*When registering your "Areas of Interest", please be sure to choose "Film Festivals"
2) Username and Password
*Your Username and Password will be issued when registration is complete.
*Log-in using this Username and password.
3) Search and download material
*After logging in, choose "Film Festivals"
 You can download materials from the"Okinawa International Movie Festival" link on the left.
*If you can't find what you need, please contact the Press Center.

Interview enquiries

Please send requests for interviews to the e-mail address below with your name and a description of the topics to be raised.
The relevant party will contact you.

Contact: press@oimf.jp

<Notes on Privacy>
*Please read the Yoshimoto Privacy Policy at (http://www.yoshimoto.co.jp/corp/en/privacy_web.html) and signify your acceptance before you apply.
①Privacy Policy
We agree to treat all personal information appropriately, in accordance with the Yoshimoto Privacy Policy.
②Purpose of Use
Your personal information will be used only to contact you with respect to the Okinawa International Movie Festival, and for no other purpose.
③Third Parties
Your personal information will not be provided to third parties without your prior permission, in accordance with Article 23 of the Protection of Personal Information Act.
④Retention of Information
Your personal information will be kept securely until its purpose has been fulfilled, when it will be appropriately deleted.
⑤Enquiries regarding Privacy
5-18-21 Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, 160-0022
Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd., Legal Department, Yoshimoto Kogyo Group Privacy Enquiries Section

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