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Special Screening OIMF Back Streets Interesting B-side Movie Feature

With the theme of B-side movies, The Sakurazaka Theatre have dug up some movies that were buried by famous directors or producers, but which on second viewing are actually a lot of fun.

Feature on Azuma Morisaki

©1970 松竹株式会社

As long as we have movies by Azuma Morisaki, everything else is ok. From Azuma Morisaki’s representative work such as the Shochiku comedies of the 60s and 70s, so well supported along with Youji Yamada, to his more rare works, all can be enjoyed. What was common to all of his fi lms was the homage that he paid to those who live good lives even as they crawl through life working hard to get by. The anger and solidarity of people, with their inherent sense of inferiority. And the relentless and repetitive motion between laughter and tears. Watching a Morisaki fi lm will melt your heart.

【Screening Works】
「Otoko wa tsuraiyo Fuuten no Tora」,
「Kigeki Onna wa otoko no furusato yo」
「Onna ikitemasu Sakariba no wataridori」,
「Comedy Gigolo Heaven」
「Taro Kuroki's Love and Adventures」

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Comedy in Eroticism


Take a look at the “B-side” of life, with our Erotic Comedy Feature, which has a wide selection from ‘Roman Porno’ to youth musicals. They all portray the relentless pursuit of sex, desire, love and hate. The more serious these portrayals of “the noble acts of human being”, the more they somehow help us laugh. It is the ultimate theme that movies have always sought to portray.

【Screening Works】
「Onsen Geisha Japan」, 「Black Rose Ascension」,
「Mr. Dilemman Sex Mania」,
「Abnormal Family My older brother's wife」,
「Underwear holes I found a shining star!」

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Take this Chance to See these Japan-Made Comedies!


We have selected some Japanese films which are truly worthy of standing alongside such classic Japanese masterpieces as “The Seven Samurai” and “Tokyo Story”. If you haven’t seen these fi lms, you must watch them. We hope you will enjoy these Japanese fi lms made by Japanese people with the Japanese sense of humor, which resonate so well with the hearts of Japanese people.

【Screening Works】
「Graceful Beast」, 「The Family Game」, 「Jazz Daimyo」,
「12 Gentle Japanese」, 「BANG!」

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Famous Hollywood Directors


We will bring you some of the forgotten masterpieces and other works by famous Hollywood directors, which may not be representative of their work, but which are great comedies that have become all but hidden by some of their more well known hits. Yes, that director made this movie! You are sure to be surprised by what you will find.

【Screening Works】
「Big Fish」, 「Tropic Thunder」

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