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第1会場 第2会場

Venue 1:Okinawa Convention Center and other selected areas around the town [Ginowan City]


Okinawa Convention Center

  • Address:4-3-1 Mashiki,Ginowan City,Okinawa,JAPAN
  • Tel:098-898-3000
  • Access:11 minutes in the monorail from Naha Airport to Asahibashi Station (Naha Bus Terminal) and take the local bus to the Convention Center(approx. 40 minutes ride).
  • Parking space:Main venue
  • Parking aveilable:March 22〜27
  • Aveilable Time:9:00am〜10:00pm
  • ※Please use the public transportation to avoid the traffic jam during the event.

Venue 2: Naha City (Around Kokusai Street and Sakurazaka Theater), Elementary and junior high schools in Chatan town and Okinawa Pref.


Sakurazaka Theater[Naha City]

  • Address:3-6-10 Makishi,Naha City,Okinawa,Japan
  • Tel:098-860-9555
  • Access:14 minutes on the monorail from Naha Airport to Makishi station.15 minutes wlking from there.
  • HP:http://www.sakura-zaka.com/

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