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Comedy encapsulates the essence of human life and has the power to liberate our minds from the anxieties and stresses that are so prevalent in our society.

Through a variety of modes of expression, movies also give us joy and courage in life.
We hope that you will embrace these feelings of laughter, joy, and peace universal ideas that transcend ethnic and national boundaries.

Revered throughout Japan as the “Island of Healing,” Okinawa is a fitting choice as the venue for the festival (and is particularly appropriate to the concept of “Laugh and Peace”). Like the venues for the most globally successful movie festivals (such as Cannes, Venice, and Pusan), Okinawa is also a top-class holiday resort.

With this third edition of the festival, we are aiming to create a new type of movie and video festival one at which all people can come to understand one other through movies and videos under the banner of “Laugh and Peace.”
We also hope to enjoy the excitement of movies with the local people of Okinawa, while at the same time enhancing the content industry and stimulating the local economy.

Okinawa International Movie Festival Execution Committee