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  • ハローキティコラボTシャツ ItemHello Kitty Collaboration T-shirt price3,045 yen(including tax) sizeLadies M/M/L
  • ハローキティコラボトートバッグ ItemHello Kitty Collaboration
    Tote bag
    price2,730 yen(including tax) sizeapprox.H370×W260×D110mm
    (Length of handle 460mm)
    Fabric: Durable cotton
  • ハローキティコラボTシャツストラップ ItemHello Kitty Collaboration
    shirt strap
    price630 yen(including tax) sizepackage size:250×250mm
    Comes with a bell
  • ハローキティコラボA6メモ帳 ItemHello Kitty Collaboration
    A6 memo pad
    price630 yen(including tax) sizeA6,The number of sheets:100 Sheets
  • Once again, we are selling collaborative items between Hello Kitty and Okinawa International Movie Festival
    A collaboration of Hello Kitty dressed up as shisa lion and the shisa of Okinawa International Movie Festival

Goods List

  • Tシャツ①(レッド) ItemT-shirt(RED) price1,000 yen(including tax) sizeS/M/L  (light body)
  • Tシャツ②(アイ ハブ オキナワ 映画祭ver.) ItemT-shirt
    (I habu Okinawa Movie Festival version)
    price2,625 yen(including tax) sizeS/M/L
  • マフラータオル ItemMuffler/towel price1,000 yen(including tax) sizeapprox.W1100xH200mm
    Jacquard design
  • マフラータオル ItemMuffler/towel price1,000 yen(including tax) sizeapprox.W1050×H200mm
    Jacquard design
  • ミニタオル Itemmini/towel price500 yen(including tax) sizeφ200mm circle
  • ピンバッジ ItemTin badge set price800 yen(including tax) size20×24mm
    Logo size:19×19mm
  • クリアファイル ItemPlastic folder price500 yen(including tax) sizeA4 size triple pocket version
  • クリアファイル ItemPlastic folder price500 yen(including tax) sizeA4、 double pocket version
  • クリスタルキーホルダー ItemCrystal glass strap price500 yen(including tax) size300×200mm Laser material processing
  • ラバーキーホルダー ItemAir Mascot strap price500 yen(including tax) sizerubber part size:W55×H47mm
  • ソルTシャツストラップ Item"Sol-T shirt" strap price800 yen(including tax) sizecontent size:W55 ×H65mm
    package size:W76×H122mm
  • パッチンバンド ItemWrist band price500 yen(including tax) size300x30mm