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特別上映作品 日本のコメディ

Makoto Fujita and Kei Tani, the great Japanese comedic actor, regrettably passed away in 2010.
7 titles which are representative in the actors' careers will be selected.

Remembering Kei Tani & Makoto Fujita 

©1968 TOHO CO.,LTD.

Imaginary Paradise

DirectorKen Matsumori
Year 1968 
CastKei Tani, Masako Kyozuka


Starring Kei Tani, this movie is based on the movie starring Tani's namesake, comedian Danny Kaye's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". The heroine is played by Wakako Sakai. An offi ce worker who prefers to fantasize than work is mistaken for an industrial spy and arrested, but eventually has to confront the real criminals. The interactions between the hero and his favorite stuffed monster Gamarra are adorable.

©1966 TOHO CO.,LTD.

Crazy dayo, Kisotengai

DirectorTakashi Tsuboshima
Year 1966
CastKei Tani, Makoto Fujita


Kei Tani stars as an alien, with Ueki playing two roles, and all the other faces from Crazy Cats make appearances in this science fiction comedy. A man comes to Japan from Alpha Centauri to bring peace to the earth, and is thoroughly confused by such things as seeing "the female species" for the fi rst time. He ends up working in a variety of areas from company employee to singer, and even National Legislator. His special power to be able to do anything by clicking his fi ngers is also the cause of plenty of fun.

©2000 松竹株式会社

Free and Easy 11

DirectorKatsuhide Motoki
Year 1999
CastToshiyuki Nishida, Kei Tani


Off to the Mecca of fi shing, Okinawa! What will become of Hama-chan, shipwrecked on a deserted island...!? Shot on location around the Okinawa main island and Kumejima, for the fi rst time in the Free and Easy series, Hama-chan will catch a yellow-fi n tuna, without any preparation.

©1964 TOHO CO.,LTD.

Nishi no Osho, Higashi no Taisho

DirectorKengo Furusawa
Year 1964
CastKei Tani, Makoto Fujita


A work comedy featuring the duo Kei Tani and Makoto Fujita. Two men, one from Tokyo and the other from Osaka, who have been rivals since their college days, join the same company and compete to be the most successful in their careers as well as the most popular. This high tension production from Director Kengo Furusawa, known for the Crazy Cats fi lms, keeps Tani and Fujita on their toes throughout. The cast also includes the celebrity actresses such as Yoko Tsukasa who plays the daughter of the company president, Mie Hama and Michiyo Aratama.

©1965 TOHO CO.,LTD.

Zoku Nishi no Osho, Higashi no Taisho

DirectorToshio Sugie
Year 1965
CastMakoto Fujita, Kei Tani


Makoto Fujita from Osaka and Kei Tani from Tokyo joined the trading company in the same year. Once again, they join forces in this sequel comedy fi lm , competing vigorously in both love and work. They fi ght to a draw in their battles over a woman that owns a bar in Tokyo, and a waitress in Osaka. They go on to fi ght for the love of the beautiful president of their company and get promoted to the head of the Tokyo Branch together. The director's chair was handed over to Toshio Sugie, who has crafted a lighter feel.

©1967 TOHO CO.,LTD.

Tenamonya Daisodo

DirectorKengo Furusawa
Year 1967
Cast Makoto Fujita, Minoru Shiraki


The second movie in the series, following on from Tenamonya Toukaidou where tall/short duo Makoto Fujita and Minoru Shiraki embark on an extraordinary journey together. It's set in the end of the Edo Period in Kyoto. Yakuza Tokijiro and monk Chinnem approach the then popular Kinnoto only to be ripped off money by a Ryoma Sakamoto-lookalike. They then run into the Shinsengumi by accident, all resulting in mass confusion. Kei Tani also stars as Kichinosuke Saigo, and The Drifters as Shinsengumi.

©1985 松竹株式会社・朝日放送株式会社

Sure Death! Brown, You Bounder!

DirectorJoo Hirose
Year 1985
CastMakoto Fujita, Masaki Kyoumoto


Set in the end of the Edo Period. The house of Kurodani in Kyoto have kept a state secret for 300 years. A group of foreigners with the nobles in Kyoto get wind of the secret. Mondo is caught up in the dispute between the two parties, and a variety of great tricks are used to craft this exciting action period drama.