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地域発信型プロジェクト 地域発信型映画


When You Wish Upon a Star(Toyama)



This movie is a live-action feature fi lm based on the popular youth manga "Hoshi no Furumachi" by Hidenori Hara, Japan's most successful animator. "Kotaro Tsutsumi"(Aoi Nakamura) transferred to a school in Toyama Pref. where his distant relatives live to avoid held back in prestigious high school in Tokyo he attended. He was depressed and hurt that he would never have a bright and hopeful future... But the encounter with "Nagisa"(Rio Yamashita) changes Kotaro's future slowly. This movie delivers an universal message "everyone has a place to shine" through anguish and growth of the youth. This movie is a kindhearted love story.


Aoi Nakamura
Rio Yamashita
Kinuyo Kodama
KG(Song Riders)
Rie Shibata
Michiko Hada
Tomy's Masa
Syofukutei Matsunosuke
Satomi Tezuka


DirectorKoji Kawano
Country Japan
Year 2011