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地域発信型プロジェクト 地域発信型映画


Tunnel Rendezvous(Mikkabi Town, Shizuoka)



Sakiko is a high-school girl who loves to sing. She longs to get out of the boring small town of Mikkabi Town where her family runs an orange farm. She will be singing "The Orange Song" in this year's town festival with her agri-coop band members, but she is frustrated by the reality which is far from her dreams. As if directed by her disheartened feelings, Sakiko runs through toward the other side of the tunnel where the end symbolizes her aspiration. What does she see at the end of the tunnel, and with whom does she meet?


Jun Yoshinaga
Takuji Suzuki
Jun Miho
Keiji Hirahata
Kensuke Fujita (TOTAL TENBOSCH)
Tomohiro Ohmura (TOTAL TENBOSCH)


DirectorChihiro Ikeda
Country Japan
Year 2011