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地域発信型プロジェクト 地域発信型映画


Thankyou OSAKA(Osaka City, Osaka)



Holding onto a photograph in one hand, Chinese student Shu-Ron wassearching for a certain “place.” Suddenly, the wind blows away his photograph which is then carried away by a passing bicycle. In the meantime, a woman photographer by the name of Koharu Nishimura was in deep trouble. The model she was supposed to shoot had cancelled at the last minute, and Koharu hits the streets to look for his replacement. There she meets Shu-Ron who was in despair from having lost his photograph. Koharu takes Shu-Ron to her brother Akihiko’s hair salon and has him transformed. When the photo shoot ends, Shu-Ron assumes Koharu has his photograph. Koharu realizes for the fi rst time that Shu-Ron was looking for a memorable place from his past. The two head to that “place” in the town of Osaka.


Haruka Kinami
Tsubasa Nakae
Takeshi Nadagi (The Plan 9)
Yuki Nagata (Real Kids)
Kuruyo Ima (Ima IkuyoKuruyo)


DirectorHayato Yamada
Country Japan
Year 2011