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地域発信型プロジェクト 地域発信型映画


A Tiny Little Seed ~"Matida"-Island in the Sun Chorus~(Miyakojima City, Okinawa)



"I want to become a little seed" - based on these words of a terminally-ill patient who had since passed away, his nurse in charge, Naoko Takahashi from Miyakojima Island, and her fellow Miyakojima local, musician Isamu Shimoji wrote a song."A Tiny Little Seed" - the song that described the life and death of a human being was sung by Erika Sunakawa who is also from Miyakojima Island. The song has reached nationwide, comforting the hearts of many who have lost their loved ones. The song became a top seller for two consecutive years in Okinawa Prefecture. As the song was nurtured by the three from Miyakojima Island, it also became a precious song for the islanders who have decided to come together to sing this song in chorus. From children to the elderly, regardless of their experiences in singing, a total of 336 people gathered together. What is so special about "A Tiny Little Seed"? The fi lm documents the islanders on the day when the chorus completes.


Erika Sunakawa
Isamu Shimoji
Naoko Takahashi
Citizens of Miyakojima City


DirectorRyo Aoki
Country Japan
Year 2011