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地域発信型プロジェクト 地域発信型映画


Horumon girl(Tsuyama City, Okayama)



In 2005, during preparations for the upcoming national athletic meet, a food tasting event was being held at Tsuyama City hall to sample local cuisines to be served to the athletes. But alas, the senior offi cials' reaction was far from enthusiastic - Tourism Department's municipal agents, Osakabe (Junichi Komoto) and Hiroko Sakai are under attack. "It's just not fair!" Hiroko Sakai whined as she downed Sake at an Okonomiyaki restaurant. Just then, she notices the men eating an unfamiliar kind of udon noodles. It was made with offal as ingredients. Although it is a traditional cuisine of Tsuyama City, Hiroko had never seen it before. She found it horrid and repulsive due to the offal's oily appearance. However, this first encounter becomes a fateful beginning of Tsuyama Horumon Udon's nationwide recognition.


Rio Yamashita
Shuichiro Masuda
Junichi Sakamoto (GAG shonen-gakudan)
Junichi Komoto (Jicho-Kacho)


DirectorMitsutaka Endo
Country Japan
Year 2011