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地域発信型プロジェクト 地域発信型映画


White rabbit in the snow(Tokamachi City, Niigata)



A group of volunteers in Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture wants to revitalize the town through art, and invites the world-renowned artist, Taro Yamada. But what Yamada painted onto a canvas was nothing but two red dots - which he claims represent a "white rabbit in the snow." Yamada was actually a world champion art performer in "airdrawing." The group that invited him is furious. While Yamada swindled the regional economy stimulus fund through his con artwork, he begins to fall for Mayuko - the only female member in the volunteer group - and as events unfold, he realizes what true art is, through the area's harsh lifestyle during the severe winters.


Nozomu Iwao (Football Hour)
Anna Ishibash
Koji Abe
Shingo Nakao (Nonsmokin)
Daisuke Kikuchi (Nonsmokin)


Director Toshihiro Goto
Country Japan
Year 2011