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Message from Foreign Countries

President, Radio & Television Shanghai, Shanghai Media Group
Li Ruigang

We offer our congratulations on the opening of the Okinawa International Movie Festival. In recent days Japan suffered an unprecedented earthquake where many people lost their homes and families, and things have still not settled down for them. We also understand this kind of suffering. We express our deep condolences for the victims, and our heartfelt sympathy for those that have been affected.

It is our intention as a socially responsible news organization to continue to report on the relief efforts in Japan, and will do everything that we can to be of assistance.

We believe that the decision, at this time of great emergency, to continue with this Film Festival will surely bring the spirit of the Festival’s concept of “Laugh & Peace” to those in Japan and around the world.

In spite of the significant damage, the Japanese people have displayed a great deal of patience. We believe that this Movie Festival will have the power to replace the despair that fills the air in these devastated areas with laughter, hope and joy for those that have been affected. We at SMG will also continue to offer our support, and wish to leave our encouragement and blessings upon those that have been so badly affected.

We pray for the success of this Festival, and it is our hope that the affected areas will be rebuilt as quickly as possible.

Li Ruigang
President, Radio & Television Shanghai, Shanghai Media Group