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Round Ireland with A Fridge

©Fridge D'Or Films


"Some men are born silly... others have silliness thrust upon them." A self centred, pampered celebrity accepts a drunken bet that will change his outlook on life. On his funny and heartwarming journey around the coastline of Ireland, he meets a series of bizarre characters ? including an attractive feisty radio reporter ? and he takes his fridge surfing. Written by Tony Hawks, and based on his worldwide bestseller, this comedy road movie proves that, no matter how gloomy things seem, if you open the fridge door then a little light always comes on.


Tony Hawks......Tony Hawks
Roisin......Valerie O'connor
Sandra......Josie Lawrence
Dylan Daley......Ed Byrne
Brendan......Sean Hughes


DirectorEd Bye
Year 2011
Copyright©Fridge D'Or Films