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長編プログラム Laugh部門


Omlette Rice



Entertainer/chef/director Kimura is known for his unique perspective of the world. Here is the visualization of wild ideas that spin-off from what he sees, as he takes a closer look at everyday scenes and the overfl owing 'stuff' in the city. For example, 'stuff' includes a "poster for a power drill", a "discarded guitar case,","fake food samples" and "calendars". The average person can't begin to imagine how these stories can derive from just 'stuff'. How far does Kimura's imagination go? The diversifi ed cast of entertainers and actors, Sanma Akashiya, Kouji Higashino, Takashi Okamura, Shigeru Izumiya, Takanori Jinnai and Yoko Minamino, all embody the amazing tales. So, what is the meaning behind the title, "Omelet Rice"? It's pointless to categorize this epic into a genre. Just have a bite and enjoy.


Tatsuto Matsurino......Yuichi Kimura,Sanma Akashiya,Shigeru Izumiya,Itsuji Itao,Takashi Okamura,Kouji Kato,Takanori Jinnai,Kouji Higashino,Yoko Minamino,Hiroyuki Miyasako,YOU


DirectorYuichi Kimura
Country Japan
Year 2011