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Feature on Azuma Morisaki Screening Works

©1970 松竹株式会社

Otoko wa tsuraiyo Fuuten no Tora

DirectorAzuma Morisaki
Year 1970
CastKiyoshi Atsumi, Chieko Baisho


There are talks of a promising prospect of marriage for Tora-san, but somehow it defi nitely doesn’t work out. He goes off again on his travels, and falls in love with the lady owner (Michiyo Aratama) at the inn he stays at, but... Here’s the third fi lm in the “Tora-san” series. The scene where he hits his Uncle is so painful to watch; you can’t help but want to say “You won’t get anywhere if you do that”. Enjoy the differences in direction compared to Yoji Yamada versions, such as the realistic portrayal of the sorrows of the drifter life.

©1971 松竹株式会社

Kigeki Onna wa otoko no furusato yo

DirectorAzuma Morisaki
Year 1971
CastHisaya Morishige, Meiko Nakamura


A comedy with a warm human touch, this film is a buoyant portrayal of the brassy strippers hired at the stripper agency [Shinjyuku Geino-sha], using everything they’ve got to get through. Enjoy the all-out performances by Mitsuko Baisho and Mako Midori, and the great tempo between Hisaya Morishige and Meiko Nakamura as the happily married couple. With humor and pathos, here’s a story of the people at the bottom of the social pyramid.

©1972 松竹株式会社

Onna ikitemasu Sakariba no wataridori

DirectorAzuma Morisaki
Year 1972
CastHisaya Morishige, Akane Kawasaki


The fourth in the series, this fi lm tells the twists and turns in the relationship of Hatsuko, a stripper who breaks out in a rash when touched by men, and Zengo, a blue-collar worker with dysphemia. The ‘shocking’ scene between Masumi Harukawa, giving an outrageous performance as Hatsuko’s mother and Tsutomu Yamazaki, playing Zengo venting his anger, is a must see. A serious theme without losing a sense of humor, this fi lm shows the best of director, Azuma Morisaki.


Comedy Gigolo Heaven

DirectorAzuma Morisaki
Year 1975
CastShingo Yamashiro, Reiko Ike
※works for adults


Alcoholic, transsexual, blind or with kids, this is a story of a group of strippers in various situations and their gigolos – a bittersweet comedy of human relationships. Although there are graphic scenes not unlike blue fi lms, director Morisaki’s strong love of humanity and sense of humor can be felt throughout this gem.

©1977 馬道プロ/ATG

Taro Kuroki's Love and Adventures

DirectorAzuma Morisaki
Year 1977
CastKunie Tanaka, Ichiro Zaitsu
※works for adults


The first film directed by Morisaki after he left SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd., the story centers around a meddlesome stuntman (Kunie Tanaka) and portrays the lives of ordinary folks in a corner of Tokyo. The fi lm depicts the reality of the other side of life in the big city, disgruntled youths and poverty. But even with serious themes, Morisaki never forgets a sense of humor and creates a lively fi lm. Check out the splendid cast including Ichiro Zaitsu and Rentaro Mikuni.