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長編プログラム Peace部門





The concept behind this film could probably be described as 'DESTINY'. One day a delinquent high school student fi nds himself slipping through time. That's the beginning of this coming-of-age movie in which our hero continues to weave through time and space as he battles with his friends in an effort to change his future. There seems to be an air of resignation polluting Japan recently. This fi lm offers a little bit of light amidst this sad trend, making you want to believe that perhaps there is a chance you really can change your destiny. And be sure to check out the promising young comedian ? Ayabe from the duo "Peace" ? giving a praiseworthy performance!


Syotaro Ooumi......Yuji Ayabe(Peace)
Arisa Sakurazaka......Saki Fukuda
Yuuichi Sakata......Kentaro Adachi(Canary)
Teppei Kawasaki......
Jun Kurose(Punk Boo Boo)
Araki......Houka Kinoshita
Saburo Ooumi......Takashi Ukaji
Junko Ooumi......Yoko Moriguchi
Cameo Appearance:
Teppei Arita(Cream Stew),
Naoki Matayoshi(Peace)


DirectorMichinari Nakagawa
Country Japan
Year 2011