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長編プログラム Peace部門



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In all 'alien invasion', 'apocalyptic disaster' fi lms, there's always an impending global catastrophe. Everyday life suddenly crashes around us, but always depicted was the element of hope in a dauntless hero or self-sacrifice for all mankind. Except in real life, when an unknown 'thing' with overwhelming power falls upon humans with no skills to fi ght back, what do people think and do when faced with a hopeless, extreme situation? Can love or heroism afford to exist? Witnessed by a group of average people gathered in a room of an upscale LA condo, this is the hour-by-hour chronicle of the 3 day takeover of Earth. From the VFX team Hydraulx that created amazing visions of "2012" and "Avatar", here's the latest in cinematic technology depicting brutal reality. Completely beyond the frame of a 'different perspective in Sci - Fi,'here's the visual Apocalypse of the new millennium.


Jarrod......Eric Balfour
Elaine......Scottie Thompson
Candice......Brittany Daniel
Oliver......David Zayas


DirectorGreg Strause
Colin Strause
Country USA
Year 2010
Copyright©2010 Black Monday Film Services, LLC. All rights reserved.