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長編プログラム Peace部門


With the dog tag and the croquette



Director Seiki Nagahara has created his own fi lm version of his autobiography. 'I' was born in Osaka's Korean Town to a Korean dad, and was a mischievous brat. But as time went by, I grew to despise what it meant to be the 'bad lot'. I wasn't changed by reform schools or juvenile hall. What changed me were my neighbors, the aunties and uncles, my seniors at Yoshimoto, my fi ancee who died too young and my dad. He was a man of few words but had incredible perseverance, and lived through his days with pride as a Korean. Set during the Showa era in Ikuno, Osaka, this story is told by Seiki and his family and friends, fi lled with laughs and a bit of tears.


Seiki......Kenta Kamakari
Michiko Matsushita......Chisun
Yamato......Masaya Nakamura
Toshi......Yuya Miyashita(RUN & GUN)
Tatsuya......Jun Ikeda
Seihichi......Kazuki Namioka
Zuiho......Tomomitsu Yamaguchi
Policeman......Koji Imada(Cameo-


DirectorSeiki Nagahara
Country Japan
Year 2011