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長編プログラム Peace部門


Karate-Robo ZABORGAR



Itsuji Itao, who featured his directorial debut "Datsugoku-oh" in 2010, now boldly takes on the challenge of the legendary tokusatsu (SFX) TV show! In a powerful collaboration with the reputed horror and action-comedy director, Noboru Iguchi, known for such works as "The Machine Girl" and "Robot Geisha", they bring you a full-scale action hero movie! Iguchi will also be making his largest investment ever in production cost in this film. The story of the protagonist, Yutaka Daimon is divided into a 2-parter: the "Chapter: In youth" and "Chapter: In middle age". This is a stimulating and dramatic 2-parter depicting the ties that bind Daimon and Karate Robo Z A BORG A R. The popular characters and exquisite tricks from the original 1974 TV series will return fully recharged and powered up!!


Yutaka Daimon (middle age)......Itsuji Itao
Yutaka Daimon (younger)......
Yasuhisa Furuhara
Miss Borg......Mami Yamasaki
Gen Akizuki......Yuya Miyashita(RUN&GUN)
Android Akiko......Aimi Satsukawa
Wakasugi......Houka Kinoshita
Chief Inspector Nitta......Hiroyuki Watanabe
Dr. Daimon......Naoto Takenaka
Dr. Akunomiya......Akira Emoto


DirectorNoboru Iguchi
Country Japan
Year 2011