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長編プログラム Laugh部門


The Pod of Good Fortune



Ryosaku, a struggling actor, endures daily abuse
from his wicked wife. One day, the janitor of his
apartment gives him a 'The Pod of Good Fortune'.
And his life begins to go awry. The sudden death
of his abusive wife...suspicion of murder...an
impulsive cover-up...same old routine on set...an
unexpected visitor...and the body count rises. This
fi lm closely follows the daily life of the protagonist
as the bizarre and horrifi c drama unfolds. When
people are pushed to an extreme situation, it's
also the most comical. Full of such aspects, the
stor y reveals the secret side of the people
surrounding the protagonist. Where will the 'The
Pod of Good Fortune' lead this man's unfortunate
life? Only the Pot can tell.


Ryosaku Hakamada......Hosshan.
Asami Hakamada......Kumiko Aso
Erika Hakamada......Aimi Satsukawa
Yonosuke Matsudaira......Akaji Maro
Shinobu Ueno......Keiko Toda


DirectorMichihito Ogawa
Year 2011