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長編プログラム Laugh部門


Night Market Hero



A local Taiwanese hero indulging in glove puppetry. A female reporter both intellectual and reckless, bent on having her way. A queen of chicken fillets selflessly devoted to her physically disabled brother. A single mommy who sells steaks and cannot stand being bullied. A group of proletarian heroes who fi ght for their lives and against a wicked local politician. And who defend their territory in a battle for dreams. Chicken fillets, beefsteaks, roast sausages, oyster noodles... At Ba Ba Ba Night Market, vendors not only sell food, but also the most simple but happiest memories that dance on our palates. One peaceful day, with no advance warning, the land used by Ba Ba Ba Night Market becomes the property of a real estate company, which acts in collusion with politicians and deprives the vendors of all their rights. Faced with the prospect of the fruit of their long years of hard work being wiped out, these humble people are in a total panic...


Chen Ee-Hwa......Blue Lan
Lin Ee-Nang......Alice Ko
A-Liang......De Go Liang
A-Joo......Lotus Wang


DirectorYeh Tian Lun
Country Taiwan
Year 2010
DistributingTwentieth Century FOX Inc.Taiwan Branch