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Comedy in Eroticism Screening Works


Onsen Geisha Japan

DirectorTeruo Ishii
Year 1968
CastMasumi Tachibana, Teruo Yoshida


Here’s a grand comedic fi lm, portraying the lives of a group of onsen geishas. Their work consists of raunchy entertainment and companionship for the night. The cast gives a lively performance in the various dramatic events with plenty of stripping, which the male audience will surely appreciate. The extravagant yakyuken(strip version of rock-paper-scissors) scene in the banquet hall is a cinematic masterpiece.


Black Rose Ascension

DirectorTatsumi Kumashiro
Year 1975
CastShin Kishida, Naomi Tani


The legendary director of Nikkatsu’s roman-porno (romantic pornography) era, Tatsumi Kumashiro, devoted his own refl ections into creating this gem. A man obsessed with the world of blue fi lms meets a bodhisattva-esque woman and begins to lose his mind. Naomi Tani’s beauty, Shin Kishida’s outlandish performance, the artistic cinematography, the seasoned black humor - all are a must see.


Mr. Dilemman Sex Mania

DirectorMasaru Onuma
Year 1979
CastAkira Emoto, Junji Takada


A boring salary man, insignificant at work and at home, transforms into Mr. Dilemman, the indecent hero! Akira Emoto stars as Mr. Dilemman, and along with Junji Takada as the sexual harassing manager who forces his mistress to come to work without underwear, both lay on the bawdy gags with galore in this erotic comedy.


Abnormal Family My older brother's wife

DirectorMasayuki Suo
Year 1984
CastKaoru Kaze, Miki Yamaji


The directorial debut of Masayuki Suo, known for “Soredemo boku wa yattenai (Even so, I didn’t do it)”. Composed with references to Yasujiro Ozu fi lms throughout, this erotic comedy warms your heart. The oldest son, Koichi Mamiya, brings home his wife, Yuriko, to the family. His sister works at an adult massage parlor and his younger brother is a convict. Yuriko tries to look upon her new family with compassion, but...


Underwear holes I found a shining star!

DirectorNaokazu Chinzei
Year 1990
CastTaeko Nishino, Kenichi Mouri


Here’s the fi fth in the “Pantsu no Ana” lineup, a popular series portraying the impressionable age of adolescence. Tadanobu Asano in his early years sings and dances in this delightful teen musical. Shiori is practicing with Kaoru, Kyoko and others at the tennis clubs’ summer camp. She meets the son of the lodge owner, Junpei, and an interesting relationship begins.