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Take this Chance to See these Japan-Made Comedies! Screening Works


Graceful Beast

DirectorYuzo Kawashima
Year 1962
CastAyako Wakao, Yunosuke Ito


Set in a housing complex, it’s a match of shrewd tricks between the Maeda family and Yukie, an accountant working at talent agency. Full of black humor, Ayako Wakao plays a wonderful scheming she-cat as Yukie, using her wiles to manipulate men for her greedy whims. The innovative sets created for the fl ash-back scenes are still amazingly original today.

©1983 日活/東宝

The Family Game

DirectorYoshimitsu Morita
Year 1983
CastYusaku Matsuda, Jyuzo itami


An eccentric home tutor shakes up a typical family in this burlesque comedy with a surreal touch. The “Last Supper”-like scene with the cast sitting in a row at the dining table became famous. The younger son is preparing for his high school entrance exam. The home tutor hired is a peculiar, 7th year student from a third-rate university, for some reason always carrying around a botanical encyclopedia.


Jazz Daimyo

DirectorKihachi Okamoto
Year 1986
CastIkko Furuya, Ichiro Zaitsu  


Near the end of the Edo period, a music loving daimyo (feudal lord) becomes captivated by the music played by the black people he had given shelter to in his underground prison. The musical performance includes jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita, Haruomi Hosono and Tamori, with fl utes, drums and syamisen (3-stringed Japanese banjo), creating a truly unique historical jazz film.

©1991 NCP/サントリー

12 Gentle Japanese

DirectorShun Nakahara
Year 1991
Cast Sansei Shiomi, Etsushi Toyokawa


Here’s a comedic parody of the classic, “12 Angry Men”, set in an imaginary Japan supposing there was a jury system. The fi lm portrays 12 jurors that were publicly selected for a murder trial in a ridiculous but heated debate. Presently, with the actual introduction of a semi-jury system in Japan, this work presents a new aspect to think about.

©1991 日活/サントリー


DirectorSadaaki Haginiwa
Year 1991
CastMasahiro Motoki, Mami Ito


It was supposed to be a training operation against bank robberies. However, the policeman appointed as the robber completely devotes himself to the role, and his colleagues cannot catch him. The situation escalates and gets out of hand... Masahiro Motoki gives an enthusiastic performance as the deadearnest policeman doing his job as the robber in this great black comedy.